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Pill Pal Compliance Packaging Pill Pak Compliance Packaging
Promoting Independent Living
  • A blister card compliance aid designed to hold multiple medications. 

  • Ideal for your elderly customers who have problems with compliance or multiple drug regimens.

  • Prepare each blister to contain all the medications your customer needs for each major medication administration time of day.

Care givers and family members appreciate Pill Pak because they can evaluate compliance at a glance. Your elderly customers appreciate it because it promotes independent living.

Pharmacy Pill Pak Is Good for Business
Pill Pak is good for your elderly customers, your professional image and your long-term success.  With it, you can provide accurate medication delivery service and professional counseling to customers who require multiple medications.

A Growing Market
Approximately 30% of prescriptions in Canada are dispensed to clients over the age of 65.  As the baby boomers age, this population segment will continue to grow.  These customers are an important part of your profit base, and they are demanding greater attention and service.

An Important Need
Studies show that the elderly have significant problems with compliance and multiple drug regimes.  Their inability to comply with prescription directions results in 20% of non-elective hospital admissions and 23% of nursing home admissions.  These situations could have been avoided with the proper counseling and programs like Pill Pak from their community pharmacist.

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