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Medi-Case® Medi-Case®
Compliance package for the active elderly

Prepared by you, their pharmacist, the MediCase is a safety sealed, seven day blister case that fits conveniently into your customer's briefcase, purse or suitcase. It's safe, portable and it will help them easily and correctly take their daily medications… wherever their busy schedules take them.

The MediCase has two unique features that set it apart from other "compliance boxes" that are on the market. First, it has a safety seal over each and every medication compartment, keeping the medications securely in place until released by the patient and second, it has a protective cover that closes over the case to protect the safety seal during handling or transport.

Your patients never need worry about spilling medications or damaging the packaging while on the move and when they empty the unit it is completely disposable.

Medication Compliance
Medication Compliance

MediCase requires no expensive heat sealing equipment and it is easily and quickly assembled in your pharmacy to the patient's specific needs. The protective cover also acts as an area for patient labelling and provides discrete protection for the medications.

The MediCase is available in 14 dose and 28 dose formats and is recyclable. MediCase is a cold seal system and does not require sealing equipment. MediCase is available in kits of 100 cases and 100 seals.

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