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MDM V2.0 MDM V2.0

The compact MDM V2.0 remains the most accurate verification device available. It has been specially designed for medicine repackagers, including individual pharmacies, hospitals and care establishments, to check unit and multi-dose pouches quickly and securely.
  • Verifies tablet colour, shape and quantity
  • Stores colour image of each pouch for accountability
  • Reports verification results for quick and simple sign off by pharmacist or technician
  • Accurate checking of up to 75 pouches per minute
  • Provides statistics for process overview
  • Patented agitation process reduces false alarm potential

MDM V2.0

Unlimited pouch entry Patented pouch agitation and pill
Digital colour image
of each pouch
MDC Verification

Power: 110 V systems - 6.9A / PC Power: 6A
220 V systems - 3.8A / PC Power - 3A
Delivered inclusive with unwinder, foot operated
winder and base cabinet
  Width: 21.06" (53.5 cm)
Length: 53.54" (136 cm)
Height: 37.40" (95 cm)
Weight: 110 lbs (50 kg)

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