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Controlled Drug System

Controlled Drug System
Controlled Drug System
Tracking Controlled Substances

Security is paramount when dealing with controlled substances, particularly in busy acute care facilities. The Manrex Controlled Drug System delivers the security you need, yet is simple to use for both nurses and pharmacists.

The Controlled Drug System improves drug security because it eliminates open bottles or vials of controlled substances, even in the pharmacy.

The Benefits of the Controlled Drug System
Save time for nursing and pharmacy The Controlled Drug System saves time during controlled substance counts at the nursing stations and in the pharmacy. Numbered blisters prominently display the remaining doses on the Controlled Drug Card, so manual counting of open medications is eliminated. Time saving for both of these important departments allows more time to concentrate on more meaningful professional tasks.

Cost savings Losing controlled substances can be very costly. The drugs themselves can be very expensive, but even more costly is the staff time required to investigate the loss. Highly trained professionals have to spend time in disruptive and inconvenient situations which can be prevented with the Controlled Drug System.
The Benefits of the Controlled Drug System

Improved safety
The Controlled Drug System reduces opportunities for drug abuse, which is dangerous. It can also identify staff members who may need help in dealing with drug related problems since the Controlled Drug System can help detect these problems before they become uncontrollable.

The Controlled Drug System is available in two formats:
- 25 Dose-Heat Seal (Kits of 200 cards and blisters)
- 20 Dose-Pressure Sensitive (Kits of 200 cards and blisters)
All blisters are made from Pharmaceutical grade PVC plastic

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