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Kelli, Director of Nursing

"My nurses are very impressed with your product. We were searching for a portable device that would be easy to use, yet powerful enough to crush multiple medications. From the minute the product was put into use, the nurses noted less soreness and discomfort that comes from using a manual crushing method." Read More...

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Welcome to Crocus Medical®

Welcome to Crocus Medical

We strongly believe administering medications should not be dangerous or time consuming. Check out our innovative product line and learn how Crocus Medical® products can help keep you safe while increasing your productivity.

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News & Releases

Patient Safety the key driver in Texas Pharmacy's Automation Acquisition
July 17, 2013 - Minneapolis MN | Crocus Medical® is proud to announce that Senior Care Pharmacy of Plano, Texas, has implemented the MDM (Medication Detection Machine) as a key element in its provision of medication management systems to skilled and assisted living facilities.

Global Factories MDM (Medication Detection Machine) now interfaced to all major Tablet Packaging Machines
June 2013 | Crocus is pleased to announce that it has now interfaced the Global Factories MDM (Medication Detection Machine), to all leading providers of ATP (Automated Tablet Packaging) machines, including: Tosho, Sanyo, Yuyama, Takazono, Cretem and JV-Medi machines.